Alice Jamieson

 Alice Jane Jukes Jamieson is and for many more generations to come will be a great role model for  women around the world. She has taught women that they are no different than men. Everyone is equal and shouldn't be discriminated based  on gender. Alice Jamieson represents women. She has achieved many awards throughout her career. She has also gained much respect from men as well as women. People admire her for what she went through and what she did for women. She is a past present future champion. She lived her life without any regrets. A school has been named after this legend... Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy. This school reflects everything about Alice Jamieson. She was friends with Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards. She and the "famous five" talked to many women about them being people and as equal as men were. Alice was proud to be the first woman in the British Empire to be appointed  as a judge to a juvenile court in Calgary. This was the beginning for an era of  Alice's many more successes  to come. Later on in 1916 December she was known as the second police magistrate in Canada of Calgary's Women's Court. This caused a great deal of hostility from lawyers, judges and police. They thought Alice wasn't right to make binding decisions as a judge on the grounds that she was a women and not legally a person. This argument went to the Supreme Court of Alberta, which confirmed in Alberta, women are people. Alice put rest of her life improving women's and children's lives. She mostly concentrated on women and girls. 

(left to right)  Nellie McClung, Alice Jamieson and Emily Murphy

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