Alice Jamieson

Becoming a champion, anywhere and anytime, people often think it means doing something great, which it does but it is not what you do that's important but how you do it that matters. Alice spoke to women and joined groups for women. She did everything without violence which is one of the main reasons that makes her a respected role model that everyone looks up to for wisdom. She pursued leadership  in the Lizzie Cyr case. When Alice found John McKinley Cameron's client Lizzie Cyr guilty and sentenced her to six months of hard labour, John argued that Alice wasn't fit to make decisions because of her gender. John said she was 'incompetent and incapable of holding an appointed office." However, John failed to clear his client's wrongdoing in a different court with a male judge and Lizzie was charged with a six months of hard labour which further proved the competency of Alice's judgement as a woman. Leaders listen, learn from listening and lead people with their knowledge. Leadership is not about being a boss but being a guide that people can trust and go to for advice and who help you to go on the right path. Excellence isn't about coming first but doing something that you are proud of. Listen to your heart and your personality will abound with leadership and excellence.

      John McKinley Cameron  

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