Alice Jamieson

James Jukes and Isabel Duxbury had seven kids; four girls and three boys. Sadly one girl and one boy died in infancy. Both James and Isabel were born in England, and emigrated to United States as children. One of the girls which were born on July 14 1860 in New York City was named Alice Jane Jukes. The family later on moved to Chicago where her father ran his own engraving business and where Alice was educated. On March 8 1882, in Springfield Ohio Alice married Reuben Rupert Jamieson. Alice's husband was working in Toronto for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. They had two girls and two boys at the time they were living in Toronto. They had another child who died in infancy while Reuben was promoted to a position with the C.P.R. in Smiths Fall, Ontario. He died on May 30 1911 when he was 54. Alice Janes Jukes Jamieson joined many women groups after her husband's death. She was a founding member of Calgary's YWCA and she was the first president as well as the driving force behind the Calgary Local Council of Women. This council was devoted to causes as mother's pensions, dower rights, child welfare and women's suffrage. As well this group was one of the forces responsible for Alberta women getting rights. Before she died on June 4 1949 in Calgary at the age of 88 she achieved her goal in 1916, women rights with much help from the "famous five" and the Calgary Local Council of Women.   

 Alice Jamieson is on the far right, front row having her picture taken with the rest of the members of young women's christian association board, Calgary, Alberta, 1911

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