Alice Jamieson

Alice's actions changed Canada's society forever. Without her, women may still be considered as not  "people." Her actions were deeply important to women everywhere. She inspired women to fight for what they believed in.  Alice Jamieson started out getting women rights first in Alberta, then Canada and then the rest of the world. Although she died over sixty years ago, she still is an inspiration to many young women. Evidence that she is still a legend in today's world is that in 2003, a school was named in her honour. This is the only single gender school run by the Calgary Board of Education. The current principal is Dr. Usrula Steele. Many women were inspired by Alice Jamieson, did many more great things to improve women and girls' lives. Women such as Helen Keller who was blind and deaf, but she persuded through it. She raised awareness about deaf and blind children. When she got older she helped to educate them. She is one of the many examples who looked up to Alice Jamieson as a role model and followed her as well as her courage. One of the many things that everyone loved about Alice was that she never gave up.  

                     Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy                                                Helen Keller

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