Alice Jamieson


Question- How does it feel to teach a school named after a legend, Alice Jamieson? 

Answer- It is one of the things I, Dr. Ursula Steele am most proud of. Alice Jamieson was a strong role model, she supported young women and that is what our school is about. Supporting learning for young women.

Question- Why did you chose to teach at a school named after Alice Jamieson?

Answer- My background was that I was an advisor for gender issues for the Calgary Board of Education. Also from my past experiences. I thought I could bring resources to the school as well as help the teachers.

Question- How does your teaching reflect Alice Jamieson?

Answer- Our teaching strongly reflects Alice Jamieosn's character. We encourage students to be leaders in our communities, speak out against injustices, to care about other people in our communities who are not as fortunate as we are and to collaborate with other young women. Just like Alice Jamieson knew the "Famous Five," and worked with them to get women rights. If the "Famous Five" had a choice they would have included her, no doubt... they would be known as the "Famous Six."

Question- What are your opinions about Alice Jamieson, as a person?

Answer- She was a courageous woman. She negotiated through the education system and for her to become Canada's first woman judge (magistrate) , I think was phenomenal. She was a role model for the last generations and will continue to be throughout the many generations to come.  

Question- Why was the school named after Alice Jamieson?

Answer- Alice Jamieson lived in Calgary. Alice Jamieson was a role model. She was a great figure and she had many virtues in her personality. She fought for women and was successful. This is why and what our school is about! Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy is proud to be named after a legend.   

Question- How long have you been teaching at this school, why or why not?

Answer- I have been teaching at this wonderful school for six years now and I would love to continue teaching at this school for many more years to come. Our community grows every year by thirty children (a classroom).


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